Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tweet the Meat News: Submission Stats

Every week, we like to leave the theme slightly generic and open to allow a broad interpretation. Whenever I see the term "Critters" I always think of that 1986 movie, and by default I think of any sort of small creature with gobs of teeth and legs. You guys overwhelmingly interpreted the theme as "bugs." At least 60% of the critter-themed submissions were bug-centric. And that's okay. Bugs freak us out.

Subs were down a bit this week, but the quality bar was higher than ever. We are about halfway through the submissions. Everyone should have a response by the end of tomorrow.

Total Subs: 88

Number of stories involving bugs coming from orifices: 13
Number of stories involving bugs going into orifices: 5
Number of stories about the editor's mother: 1
Number of 419 scam emails received during submission period: 25

Next week: No theme. I'm reading: Tweet the Meat News: Submission StatsTweet this!

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